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Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

North American Montessori Teacher's Association (NAMTA)

Michael Olaf - Author of the Montessori Method

Alfie Kohn - Prolific Author on Improving Education

Other Education Articles

Why Preschool pays off from NPR and we agree

Stanford professor discusses why schools should teach more math in preschool....like we do

Infants need touch, brains develop from tactile experience as Dr. Montessori recognized

'Teaching to the test' gives hollow understanding....we agree, we teach the broad range of academics

See why the flexible Montessori classrooms are the best design for your child

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Great information on how to raise a happy child....we agree!

Great information on why children act out...it's normal and can be addressed with the right approach to developmental needs

Why Montessori classrooms provide freedom of movement that kids need

Why Montessori classrooms meet individual needs to rest, relax and reflect in the school day

Why Montessori schools still provide recess, our curriculum is efficient and doesn't need to sacrifice recess which is a necessary part of a child's day

Why Montessori schools provide snack throughout the day and allow students sufficient time for lunch and play

Why Montessori schools avoiding grading and allow student mistakes to be learning opportunities

Facing Failure and Breeding Success

Why Montessori schools believe in exploring the world from a wide range of perspectives and allowing student travel as often as possible

Why Montessori schools don't focus on grades, but instead on mastery and skills based learning. The whole child approach isn't simple a grade driven experience

Wondering What Happened to Your Class Valedictorian? Not Much, Research Shows

Why Montessori schools encourage children to participate in the care of their environment

Why Montessori schools use computers as tools and prefer hands-on, manipulative learning and real world experiences that engage better brain development and social skills

Why Montessori schools teach the habits and skills that promote executive function

Why Montessori schools focus on intrinsic motivation and skills, rather than shallow rewards based learning

2017 Creativity Crisis Update: How High-Stakes Testing Stifles Innovation

Why Countries With Large National Resources Have a Less Educated Population

Kindergarten Math Skills Key to Success

The Cult of the Pink Tower

How Do Innovators Think?

U.S. Math Scores Improve Marginally as Science Scores Stagnate

Nation's Report Card - State Scores

Montessori Articles

3 States are closing the opportunity gap by bringing Montessori-like, high quality personalized learning programs to free public schools

Why you should avoid "Montesomething Schools' that don't follow Dr. Montessori's AMI Montessori guidelines

Preschool children's development in classic Montessori, supplemented Montessori, and conventional programs

Montessori does more than teach academics, it leads to better social skills as well

Montessori Preschool Elevates and Equalizes Child Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study

Montessori schools are exceptionally successful, Dr. Montessori was Catholic, Catholic schools wonder why there aren't more Montessori Catholic schools... We wonder too

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, a Montessori graduate, gives $2 Billion to find Montessori Schools because, in his experience, they are so good at what they do

China and China's entrepreneurs are funding public Montessori schools for its children

Montessori researcher presents at a Montessori Conference in Prague

A Scientist from the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano explains why he loves Montessori

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Discussions on Improving Education

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