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Train around the world and work around the world as an AMI Trained Montessori teacher.

Not all Montessori training is the same. AMI is the original training as designed by Dr. Maria Montessori. AMI teachers are in high demand in schools throughout the US and other industrialized nations. In a university setting a Montessori teacher can receive a Master's Degree in education for this effort. Unlike traditional education, the intense AMI Montessori training provides a teacher with specific guidelines on how to successfully educate students from a wide variety of learning styles and academic abilities. The training provides the necessary strategies to address appropriate developmental needs to establish positive social interactions and successful professional behaviors. It is unlike any other teacher training with a completely integrated curriculum that includes materials, classroom design and social structure to educate students in all subject areas in a 3-6 year age range. You can walk into any AMI classroom in North America, Asia, Africa or Europe and be immediately familiar with the materials and classroom that surrounds you. The AMI Montessori program is successful throughout the world. Call a training center in your area and discover how you can become an AMI Montessori teacher and change the life of a child. For more information on AMI Montessori training and institute locations, visit the AMI USA website.

AMI Montessori Schools are found around the world. For a current list of AMI Recognized Montessori schools in the United States visit the AMI USA School Locator. Schools are listed by state and then by city.